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Celebration time
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CJT Durapoint 12.622 mm solid carbide twist drill with PM specialty flute and Premium Coatings cuts 2,000 automotive wheel hub inner parts (5 holes per part) where our competitors replaceable carbide head drill lasts only 500 parts.  CJT helped the customer reduce the cost to produce the hole by 60%.

The part is a steel forged wheel hub inner at 22 Rc hardness.

We also have had a very high degree of success with this construction of our tool on SC Durapoint twist and Kooltwist style tools in Crankshafts (Steel Forgings), Connecting Rods (Steel Forged and Powdered Metal), Wheel Hub Inners (Forged Steel) and Wheel Bearing Outers (Steel Forging).

"Contact Tom Trost at CJT for further information."

Call 1-800-323-2299 or e-mail ttrost@cjtkoolcarb.com

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CJT Koolcarb Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality cutting tools and service in the industry.  Please take a moment to fill out this survey to let us know how we may better serve you in the future. Your feedback will be invaluable to us for our continual improvement as a supplier to you.
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Poly Crystalline Diamond Tipped
Cutting Tools

CJT Koolcarb is pleased to announce
the acquisition of
GenHam Diamond Tooling
GenHam is an established manufacturer of
high quality
poly crystalline diamond tipped cutting tools
and wear parts.

Click Here To View Our CJT/GenHam Line

494 Mission Street
Carol Stream - Illinois - 60188 - USA
Outside Illinois Call:  1 ( 800 ) 323 - 2299
Phone:  1 ( 630 ) 690 - 5933
Fax:  1 ( 630 ) 690 - 6355
e-mail: info@cjtkoolcarb.com



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TiAlN Coated
Solid Carbide

HPS Drills
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Our Drills Outperformed
Competition Again

"We are delighted to hear the CJT sand drills outperformed the competitors carbide tipped drills by over 60% (24 average parts to their 15 parts) in the foundry sand casting vent hole hand drilling."

Buy American
     Burr Ridge, IL ----
Yellow ribbons and homecoming parades are great but, in my view, offer little of lasting benefit for our returning troops.

     What could benefit them and others in the military would be good jobs when they complete their military service.

     Those jobs might be available if more American bought "made in the USA" whenever possible.  To many Americans it's always the other guy's job that is in danger ---- until they end up in the unemployment line.

     Yes, wave the flags to welcome them home. But to really thank them, buy "made in the USA" products.

Charlie J. Tros


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